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Impact Write-Up (September 3rd, 2014): Gail and Taryn Are in for Some Havok

Welcome Knockout fans to this week’s write up. Last night, we got round four (are we counting the match TBP interfered in, given that there was no winner?) of Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim. These two have had some incredible matches and I can’t wait to get stuck in to this one, so shall we do just that?

Taryn is out first, rocking her golden trunks and top, and the champion heads out next to meet her in the ring. The bell sounds and the ladies lock up without a handshake first, which surprised me. I assumed they’d go the friendly enemies route. Frenemies if you will.

They lock up again and Gail takes the early lead with an attempted roll up, but Taryn kicks out and trips Gail. Taryn with a monkey flip now and a suplex attempt, but Gail blocks and rolls her up again for a count of two. Not giving Taryn time to breathe, Gail goes right after her with right hands and an attempted drop kick, but Taryn catches her in mid air and tries an early pin of her own. Taryn goes for another monkey flip but Gail blocks and hoists her up high, but Taryn counters once again in a pin attempt.

Taryn’s in control now with clotheslines and a running neckbreaker, but it’s not enough to keep Gail down for the count just yet. A clothesline off the ropes knocks Gail down again, but she’s not out yet.

Taryn goes up high once again but Gail’s hot on her heels this time, and the two trade blows on the top rope. Gail goes high risk but it pays off very well as she hurricanrana’s Taryn’s butt right into the canvas. Gail nails Taryn with a clothesline and an arm bar but her luck runs out as Taryn dodges her at the turnbuckle and Gail flies out of the ring to the outside.

Taryn drags Gail back to the apron and they trade blows once again, before Gail delivers a crushing neckbreaker right on the steel steps. Oh my God. Ouch. That rocked. A ‘Better than Divas’ chant breaks out as the two ladies try and find their feet. Back in the ring, Gail takes control and hits the Eat Defeat. She thinks she’s got it won, but TARYN KICKS OUT. Kudos, especially after that neckbreaker on the steps.

Gail is stunned and lines up a second Eat Defeat, but Taryn counters and drops Gail like a bag of bricks. Dunzo. Taryn covers, but Gail kicks out at two! Taryn wants to finish it and heads to the top rope, but Gail reverses her pin off the cross body and steals the three count and the win!

Both ladies struggle to get to their feet after the match, quite rightly really, but when they do they shake hands and Gail embraces Taryn. There’s the sportsmanship I wanted! It’s a great moment between two women who have been through a lot together.

Naturally, someone wants to interrupt.

But who could it be?

That’s right! IT’S JESSICKA HAVOK.

She heads into the ring after ripping off her gas mask and cloak, and after staring down Taryn and Gail for a moment, leaves both women lying. Gail tries to fight back but it’s no use. Havok decimates them both and piles them up for all to see. She follows up with a shrill, screaming laugh to the skies.

She’s heeeeeere!

While that’s going on, Velvet Sky are focusing on their love lives, having been matched with the BroMans on Tindr:

And speaking of love lives, Brittany appears to have developed a thing for Samuel Shaw. She’s got the creep factor down and everything. Unfortunately, I can’t find video of the moment in question, so just picture her sizing him up from a stalkery distance.

Thoughts: Strong match between Taryn and Gail, though definitely not as good as they have been in the past. The neckbreaker on the steps was sick, and Havok debuting is hopefully the start of a great David and Goliath type feud. We just have to find our David first.

Until next time, ciao! x

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