Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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Important Notice on Advertising & Diva Dirt Future

We have recently learned that some of our visitors are being affected by spyware when visiting this site, because of advertisements served by our advertisers. First of all, I am truly sorry for anyone that has been affected through visiting this site. Rest assured, we have discontinued advertising served by this company.

As a result, we will be forfeiting potential revenue that help us to pay for our site. As you all know, earlier in the week we had hosting troubles and have since moved to a new, more expensive host which will better be equipped to deal with our growth. What you guys see is only half of it, what you don’t see is the hundreds of dollars of my own money that I have poured into this site to keep it running. I am no longer financially stable enough to keep going with the way we have been and that was before the higher hosting bills.

We want to keep Diva Dirt alive and we want to keep it free, so we need you guys to help us out as much as you can by donating to the site. We have always had our ‘Donate’ button to the right but we have never pushed anyone into donating, but we truly need your help to keep going month to month, because the future of Diva Dirt is not solidified.

I don’t think I need to explain why you should donate, the fact that thousands of people come back every day [and some of you more than once!] says it all. We really appreciate your support!

To make a donation, please hit the button below:

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