Friday, February 3, 2023

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In Audio: Diva Dirt’s Mr Glamazon on Wrestlespective Radio

Diva Dirt‘s Mr Glamazon (David) is the special guest on the latest episode of Wrestlespective Radio, joining host Jason Mann to discuss women’s wrestling in WWE and TNA, plus much more.

Jason Mann talks with special guest David Buckler, aka Mr. Glamazon, of Diva Dirt about how women’s wrestling is treated in WWE and TNA, the source of David’s love for Beth Phoenix, Internet fans’ attitudes toward Michelle McCool, the Beautiful People’s dominance in TNA, the days of Awesome Kong and Gail Kim, Mickie James in TNA, the philosophy of trying to shove everyone onto a Wrestlemania, memories of Saturday Night’s Main Event and classic Wrestlemanias, the awesome WWF tag teams in the late 1980s, whether wrestling is more fun the less you know, the Randy Savage and Elizabeth saga, the failure of the WCW invasion in 2001, the rise of The Miz, the Undertaker refusing to break character, Santino Marella and how WWE ruins a good joke, Beth Phoenix v. Michelle McCool at Extreme Rules 2010, the Strike Force v. Hart Foundation tag title change in 1987, and Honky Tonk Man v. Randy Savage at Saturday Night’s Main Event No. 12, which was the first meeting of the Mega Powers.

Listen below:

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