Saturday, February 4, 2023

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In Audio: Natalya on Right After Wrestling

WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hart Dynasty lead by Natalya were one of the guests on Right After Wrestling last night with our friend Arda Ocal. Interview highlights include:

– Talking about Bret’s return to the WWE

– Natalya being proud that Trish Stratus said in an interview that of all the Divas, Trish would love to work with Natalya the most

– How the Hart Dynasty pull ribs on their family members on the road

– Their thought on the WWE Tag Team division

EXCERPT: Natalya (talked about Bret and Shawn in the ring together in January 2010) – “You could feel the weight being lifted off of them after that night. To have that kind of history, over a decade of holding onto that, it was a great release for both off them. Before Bret had come to WWE, Shawn Michaels had helped mentor a lot of the younger talent, HHH as well, so we saw a completely different side of these guys than Bret had remembered during the time of the Montreal Screwjob”.

Listen to the interview below:


You can catch the full episode of RAW at this link.

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