Friday, June 9, 2023

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In Pictures: Maria Attends Red Carpet Events

Things are looking big for Maria in 2010 aren’t they? Major show on a major network, check. Her own album, check. Red carpet appearances, check. Work done to her face? Questionable.

Last week, Ms Kanellis attended the official BCS championship party [yeah, I don’t want that is either] in what I’m assuming is one of her own designs. And you know what? I think it’s super cute! The hair net however, I think cheapens what could have been a cute, sassy look and I guess by now we should get over the hand glove but I just can’t. Check out the pics below:

And on Sunday night, Maria attended the embattled NBC’s [TEAM CONAN BABY!!!] cocktail party in California as part of the network’s TCA presentation.

Yup, this is definitely a Kanellis original!

I don’t want to start a thing but does anyone else feel Maria’s face looks a little different? Has all this newfound Hollywood attention pressured her into the B-word? Or is it just make-up?

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