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In Pictures: TNA’s Winter vs. Jackie Haas from FWE “Haastility” Event

On December 17th, 2011 in New York, Family Wrestling Entertainment presented a cleverly named show – “Haastility” – featuring appearances from former WWE superstars Charlie and Jackie Haas. Charlie defended his FWE Heavyweight Championship in the main event against TNA’s Eric Young, while Jackie wrestled another TNA talent in what I believe falls into the “first time ever” category: Winter.

The match, which the crowd was reported to have been very into, was said to have played host to a lot of stalling, with Jackie as the heel and Winter as the babyface. Once the match got off it’s feet, Haas is said to have dominated the majority of it. When Winter battled back, Charlie Haas interfered on Jackie’s behalf, leading to Eric Young appearing in Winter’s corner as an equalizer.

Winter ended up winning the match by surprising Jackie with a backslide pin.

Not only did Jackie previously appear on a FWE show, winding up in a face-off with Melina (in Melina’s first post-WWE appearance), Jackie also used to work for TNA in from the end of 2005 to mid-2006 (even winning their “Knockout of the Year” for 2005!). She was a part of a storyline with Jeff Jarrett that consisted of her having a secret about him that management would “love to hear”. Jarrett countered this by having Alex Shelley and “Paparazzi Productions” follow her for blackmail of his own, then forcing her into becoming the valet for Planet Jarrett. She and Jarrett’s manager Gail Kim were often at odds. Haas ended up falling pregnant in real-life and quietly exited from TNA and the storyline was never wrapped up. What was on either tape still remains a mystery to this day.

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