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In Review: “Quick Shootin’ with Allison Danger”

Amidst the recent buzz about some of the recent shoot interviews that have been released, I went through my DVD collection and decided to rewatch “Quick Shootin’ With Allison Danger.”

In January of 2008, Allison Danger sat down with Strong Style Productions in Ireland to conduct a very detailed and story filled shoot interview. The title may be called “Quick Shootin’ With Allison Danger,” but this interview is anything but quick. It almost hits the 4 hour mark with a total run time of 3 hours and 42 minutes. But fret not! Ms Danger has done enough globe trotting and has so many memorable stories to share that you are able to stay interested through out the whole entire interview.

The interview starts off with questions that help us get to know Allison Danger as a person and a wrestler. Her love for the business comes out the most during this portion of the interview as she passionately speaks about some of the problems women encounter in the world of professional wrestling and how mainstream wrestling has had an unfortunate effect on how the fans look at independent wrestling.

For all you girls out there who are aspiring to become a wrestler in the future, Allison offers some very wise and valuable advice to make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into and what to expect when you do get into the business.

She answers quite a few “Inside the Actor’s Studio” type of questions like what’s her favorite and least favorite word, what turns her on and off, and she tells about the plethora of injuries she’s had over the course of her career such as a popped ear drum, broken knee, abdominal muscle being ripped from her rib cage, bruised kidney, and more.

She gives a lot of praise to Dawn Marie and Francine for helping her get started with her wrestling career after coming off of playing ice hockey for a couple of years. There wasn’t any bashing or harsh words towards any wrestlers. Despite having a bad run in with Jillian Hall during the first time they met, Danger still dismisses it as maybe she was having an off day. Contrary to what dirtsheets and recent shoots may say, anger has some very nice comments to share about Melina. The worst comment she made was when she talked about Chyna, who she dubbed as the “Britney Spears of wrestling.” Now, don’t get me wrong. I did say worse, but her comments more “keepin’ it real” more than anything. And yes, she speaks about the infamous heat between her and April Hunter.

Throughout the rest of the interview, the interviewer would name drop independent, WWE, TNA stars, stars of the past and Allison would give her opinion on said wrestler. For every name, there is either a story and/or a detailed personal opinion about that person. She tells stories about one particular female wrestler who has a habit of spooning in her sleep whenever they share a hotel together, a cop pulling over her and CM Punk and accusing him of things that go against the straight edge lifestyle, working with Mariko Yoshida in Japan, her embarrassing story that involved her ‘first love’ Ricky Steamboat and much more!

What I loved about this shoot is that without all the juicy details that one looks for in these things, it is still a DVD worth owning. This interview is like no other as Allison spent a good portion of her life surrounded by wrestling with her older brother, Steve Corino, being one of the stars in the original ECW. Working with a variety of people in the business, Allison gives an unique insight to the world of professional wrestling from a unique perspective. This is a DVD that should be on every women wrestling fan’s wish list without a doubt.

Rating: 4/5

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