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In Video: Brie and Nikki Bella Answer Twitter Questions, Talk Tattoos and ‘Game of Thrones’ Love

Total Divas stars Brie and Nikki Bella recently sat down with OK Magazine to answer Twitter questions from fans.

Nikki revealed the best advice they were given by their grandma, saying that she told them to stay a lady, wear pearls and “always walk in God’s path.”

When asked what their favorite TV shows are, both Divas agreed on loving Game of Thrones. Brie admitted, though, that she wasn’t too happy about what happened at the end of the latest season. (Spoiler alert!)

Nikki was asked if she would ever get tattoos like the ones on Brie’s hips. She was pretty adamant about not getting tattoos there, saying that she wouldn’t want her tattoos to be so easily visible.

Brie clarified that the tattoos do have a deep meaning to her, though she wouldn’t reveal the meaning behind them.

We appreciate Brie’s tattoos too – they were our go-to way to tell the twins apart when they first arrived in the WWE!

Watch them answer the questions below:

Do you think Nikki should get a tattoo?

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