Friday, April 19, 2024

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In Video: Daffney vs Taylor Wilde on TNA Xplosion

Earlier this week, we wrote about a possible heel turn for Sarita based on her actions on the first episode of a newly relaunched Xplosion. Well, you can now watch all the Knockouts action from the show below — and there’s a lot of it!

We kick off with a video package featuring Daffney and Taylor Wilde:

Follow the cut for the match and backstage segment:

Sarita & Taylor Backstage

Daffney vs Taylor

So, it looks like Xplosion is now TNA’s equivalent to Superstars: giving the Knockouts more time than they would have gotten on the main show. I really like the emphasis put on the Knockouts with three segments dedicated them on this shoiw. It’s a shame we can’t get that on Impact anymore.

The match itself was fun and fast paced. Both Knockouts did a great job. As for Sarita… hmm, I’d definitely like to see her and Taylor feud. If there’s going to be a weekly emphasis on the Knockouts on Xplosion, then why not storylines of its own too? They could build a whole mini-division simply for Xplosion with Daffney, Taylor, Sarita and Hamada aka the Knockouts I actually want to see. Looks like Xplosion may just become my TNA priority over Impact.

In the meantime, what did you think of the match? And do you think Saritaylor are headed to Splitsville?

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