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In Video: Kaitlyn Arranges Date for Natalya and Secret Admirer

WWE has released a backstage segment featuring Kaitlyn and Natalya via their smartphone app.

The former #1 Contender to the Divas Championship and the third generation Diva exchanged in banter with one another before realizing they both hate the current champ, Eve Torres.

Natalya then decided that although she deserves a title match, Kaitlyn is the next best thing, so she will speak to Booker T about it.

It seems that Miss Neidhart has been working unofficially as Booker T’s assistant whilst Eve has been elsewhere on the UK tour.

‘Nat’ (as Kaitlyn referred to her) received a text from a mystery admirer before wandering off. The Hybrid Diva then decided to message the secret male off of Natalya’s phone to set up a date between the two.

Thoughts: Whilst Natalya helping Kaitlyn makes little to no sense, this was a fun backstage segment. It addressed the fact that seemingly none of the Divas get along and Kaitlyn’s personality was put over well.

The identity of Natalya’s admirer remains unknown, speculation is running rife that it could be The Great Khali, as Nattie was spotted enjoying him defeat David Otunga on last week’s SmackDown.

The match took place just minutes after the Dynasty Diva had slapped Otunga because he spat coffee on her.


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