Friday, February 3, 2023

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In Video: SHIMMER’s MsChif Featured on ‘Secret Life of Scientists’

Several months back, we reported that former SHIMMER Champion MsChif would be featured on PBS web series, ‘Secret Life of Scientists’, well that episode is now online. Meet Rachel Collins, microbiologist by day and MsChif, pro wrestler, by night! (Well, weekend!)

The website writes:

In fact, Rachel Collins is about the sweetest person in the world. Kind, funny, solicitous of us Secret Lifers, she simply couldn’t have been nicer. And her lifelong love of science, born out of her childhood trips to her dad’s chemistry lab, was clearly both genuine and impressive in the stories she shared with us.

For me, though, what’s most memorable about Rachel is how she responded to a seemingly innocuous question from a co-worker some years ago. A secretary in her lab asked her:

“If you had one fun thing that you wanted to accomplish in your life, what would it be?”

And Rachel replied, half-surprised at her own answer: “I think I would learn to wrestle.”

You can watch MsChif’s video feature by clicking here.

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