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In Video: The Bella Twins Talk Raw Victory and Run-in with Randy Orton

Renee Young caught up with Brie & Nikki Bella following their win on Raw last night.

With Brie getting scoring a pin fall victory over the Divas Champion AJ Lee and Nikki returning to action, the Divas had a lot to talk about.

“I just wanted to prove not only to AJ Lee but to all of the WWE Universe that we’re not just reality stars, none of the Total Divas are, that I’m actually a strong Diva who can kick butt in the ring and I could be our champ and I can beat any other Diva that’s stepped right up against me in that ring,” Brie said regarding her big win.

Nikki hasn’t competed in a match since June and has been sidelines with an injury. Despite not actually being tagged into the match on Raw, this was technically her return to the ring.

“It felt great to be back out in front of that crowd with the energy,” Nikki said. “I have to honestly say I am so proud of my sister tonight. She’s worked so hard and honestly I felt like a mom out there. I’m proud of my child! So this is her night tonight”

Tag team action wasn’t the only time we saw the Bellas last night. Brie was also involved in a brief altercation with Randy Orton during the show where he tried to get in Brie’s head.

“I do have to admit Randy Orton is very intimidating and he kind of shook me up a little bit but all I could think about out there was I’m gonna win this for my boyfriend Daniel Bryan,” Brie said. “That’s exactly what I did and the day that I get a chance to go against that championship I’m gonna win it for Daniel Bryan.”

Check out the video below:

Aww, looks like Braniel will be a regular fixture in the WWE!

Do you think Brie and Nikki are turning face?

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