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‘Independent Women’ (9/20/14): Cheerleader Melissa Finishes Up in Japan

Independent Women is changing its format! Now, the videos will act like dispatches, giving you quick and timely looks into the lives of indy women’s wrestlers.

Our next three dispatches from Cheerleader Melissa finish up her latest tour in Japan.

In the first video, she braves the bustling Japanese train system:

Next, she visits the famed Ribera Steakhouse, a pilgrimage for any wrestler visiting Tokyo:

In the last video dispatch, Melissa takes a peaceful walk through a Japanese garden:

Independent Women is Diva Dirt’s original web series that gives fans a peek behind the scenes at the lives of women’s wrestlers on the independent scene, from life on the road to the action backstage.

If you are an indy wrestler interested in getting involved, please contact us!

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