Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Interesting Notes From Leaked Raw Script

Somehow a script from this week’s Monday Night Raw managed to leak online and there are a few things I thought I’d highlight. This was however, the first draft of the script and not the final product that we saw on television. You can check out the full script by clicking here.

Show Notes

– The original draft of the script doesn’t place Maryse on commentary with Melina at ringside. This one seems to suggest Maryse would come out and attack Melina after the match was done, which I think would have been far more effective.

Talent Roster Notes (click here)

– Is Candice injured? In brackets by her name, it has the date “Mar 18” (March 18th) as her return date to the road. If you look at other Superstars such as Batista, Jamie Noble and Mr Kennedy, they also have brackets next to their names with return dates. So it seems this suggests an injury.

Gail Kim is officially listed under the Divas column for SmackDown, which could suggest she’s already on the road travelling to SmackDown tapings.

– Under ‘Transactions’, WWE makes it a point to note that Natalya is still part of the SmackDown roster and has not moved to ECW. Good move because I’m sure we all want to see Gail vs Natalya.

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