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SmackDown Watch & Thoughts: March 6, 2009

Tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown features a match between Divas Champion, Maryse and Eve Torres with appearances from Michelle McCool and Raw’s Melina. Watch below:


Despite the Divas involved, I felt this week’s SmackDown was really lackluster and the end of this segment left a sour taste in my mouth. I’ve been a great supporter of Michelle but having her stand over not one but two fallen champions? Say what?! To me it just came across as Triple H-esque ego trip booking. No one deserves to be put over like that. I was disappointed as to how this all turned out. On paper it sounds good: You have Maryse wrestling, Michelle on commentary and Melina making a special appearance too. Three of the top Divas in WWE, so why was this whole segment so bad?

The match was slow and plodded along, I think it proved that Eve is not nearly as ring-ready as some may think. I, for one, am not fooled and I haven’t been impressed at all. She just seems too average and too developmental to be getting regular matches on SmackDown. I just don’t understand why she’s getting matches while there’s Divas like Alicia Fox that could make the most of the ‘push’ that Eve is receiving as a competitor. She can get through a match sure, but she looks winded and is just rather bland to watch. She needs to work at it some more. The two Divas shared no chemistry in the ring and this wasn’t the best match Maryse has had.

Then we have Michelle on commentary. Well people complained that she sucked on the microphone and was bland and soulless as a face, being a heel hasn’t changed that. Being on commentary is a real chance to put yourself over to the audience but Michelle just sounded monotonous and boring. She didn’t come across as a heel nor a face, she didn’t really across as anything. She should have been more aggressive.

Melina’s attack on Maryse was well done until it turned into The Michelle McCool Show.

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