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Introducing the Diva Dirt Roundtable: July 2nd, 2009


Diva Dirt is proud to introduce a new audio show for you guys, in addition to our audio bulletins — the Diva Dirt Roundtable! This panel discussion show features the entire Diva Dirt team including myself, Erin, Steven and Tiffany.

In our Roundtable discussion, we aim to cover current topics from all of the major brands including WWE, TNA, SHIMMER, FCW and Wrestlicious. In this particular show, we discuss the impact of the 5 Diva trade, the direction of TNA’s tapings, the signings of Serena Deeb and Jemma Palmer and much more.

To listen to the Roundtable directly on the website, just click on the play button below. However due to the length of the Roundtable discussion, we also have a download link available for those who want to listen to the MP3 file on their computer.

Note: Contains spoilers on future WWE/TNA shows.

Run Time: 48:12
[Download | File size: 44.13mb]

If you’d like to join us as a guest panlist in our next Roundtable, please e-mail us at [email protected] and tell us why you think you should take part! Hopefully we’ll be inviting someone to join us next time.

It should be noted that it takes a lot of time and effort to organise, record and edit this show together;  so we can only continue if we get a good enough response! Your comments are needed — tell us what you thought of the topics discussed and offer your own opinion!

Please Note: The ‘Diva Dirt Roundtable’ is the exclusive content of Diva Dirt (, for which we hold copyright. By downloading our audio you agree not to repost or transcribe the content elsewhere including but not limited to other websites, blogs or message boards. Failure to respect copyright will result in legal action.

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