Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Introducing Women of Wrestling Podcast: Episode 1 with Allison Danger


We are extremely pleased to announce that Diva Dirt has acquired the distribution of a fabulous new women’s wrestling audio show, the Women of Wrestling Podcast. Hosted by the wonderful Stew Allen and Lee Burton, the show features a special guest from the world of women’s wrestling in each episode with lengthy discussion into their career and lots of witty banter too.

In the first episode, Stew and Lee are joined by SHIMMER co-founder, Allison Danger as she discusses things ranging from her role in SHIMMER as both wrestler and management, as well as her various injuries. There’s also a cameo from Allison’s daughter, Kendall to listen out for! Plus some hilarious Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts stories.

The Women of Wrestling Podcast is a must for all of our readers, I listened to this last week and was really entertained, enough so to want to bring it to Diva Dirt. We are extremely excited to have the podcast as part of the site and equally excited to have Stew and Lee join us as an extended part of our team!

Hopefully for future episodes, we’ll try and make posts where you can submit your questions for the guests that Stew and Lee will have lined up.

We’re also still working on the iTunes podcast feed, so that will launch a little later. But for now, you can stream the episode or download it below.

[gplayer href=”http://diva-dirt.com/download/womenofwrestling/episode1.mp3″][/gplayer]
[Download (right click & ‘Save Target As’) | File Size: 22.7mb]

Please Note: The ‘Women of Wrestling Podcast’ is the proprietary content of Stew Allen and Lee Burton.

– Official Women of Wrestling Podcast page
– Download Allison Danger matches on ClickWrestle

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