Saturday, February 24, 2024

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Is Kong Becoming A Face?


Yes, you read that right. While it hasn’t been officially stated by TNA, it looks like Kong may be making a face turn judging by last night iMPACT! In case you aren’t up to date, Angelina Love and her BBFs Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne have been attacking and cutting the hair of rivals to prove their dominance going into Lockdown. They started with Daffney and Taylor Wilde, and last night was no different, as they victimized Raisha Saeed. Kong took on Sky and Rayne in a handicap match later that night. While Kong picked up the win, she ended up on the receiving end of another Mi Pi Sexy attack makeover. Before TBP could snip Kong’s locks, she was saved by Taylor Wilde, an unlikely ally to say the least.

I dont know how I feel about the prospect of Kong becoming a face. She wouldn’t  be the first monster heel to turn face, but it would just feel so weird. And it also makes Kong look a bit weak, getting beat up by TBP and all. It seems TNA is pushing Mi Pi Sexy at the expense of the champ, which makes me feel like the title will be making it’s way into TBP’s camp on Sunday. Hopefully, this is just a temporary alliance and after Sunday Kong wiil go back to what she does best: Kicking ass and taking names! Discuss in the comments.

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