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Is Melina Jaded?

Melina‘s rants blogs are becoming part of our weekly routine lately. This time the former Women’s Champion launches another scathing attack on the inexperienced, or as Beth Phoenix put it on Monday night, “inferior Divas.” Melina’s blogs are always very passionate, I’ve always assumed they are part shoot-part character, but with every week that passes – and I hate to say this – I can see where all those rumours might come from. I’m sure you’ve all heard rumours about Melina over the past few years, as given her raw and honest personality, it would be easy to assume that her comments are “bitchy.” Don’t get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for Melina – but as hard as I try, a part of me can’t help but roll my eyes at a Diva that I actually admire. I guess (and hope) my ability to critique my favourite Divas makes me more of a fan and not a mark, who laps up everything served by their favourite celebs.

Obviously, she knows that Monday Night RAW is scripted, so to me her comments in this blog are somewhat redundant. Where does Melina the character end and where does Melina the person begin? Is Melina just a tad bit (or a lot) jaded? Read for yourself:

Last year at Backlash, I had one of the most competitive matches of my career for the Women’s Championship against Mickie James. We fought tooth and nail for that title! We are wrestlers! We work so hard and put ourselves on the line for the highest honor to hold … the Women’s Championship.

One year later, bravo to Mickie James for regaining the championship. A win is a win. I give it to her. But my anger is not at her championship win. I’m upset because I feel that these girls who gave Mickie the party do not take wrestling and what we do seriously. I am still in awe that these girls threw a little party to celebrate Mickie’s championship win. They just did it for attention! Come on people!!!! So they can get dressed up and prance around. Don’t any of these women want the championship?

Every girl who hugged Mickie saying congratulations was hugging her thinking, “I want that championship, and I am going to take it from you”? Well, I hope so, because it’s a normal thing to think if you are a true competitor. If none of those girls had that thought cross their mind, they shouldn’t even call themselves wrestlers.

Why train so hard and learn our craft just to throw a party for someone else? SERIOUSLY! Not that I wouldn’t throw a party for my best friend when she accomplished her goal, but I would celebrate that day … that moment when that night was hers and hers alone. Not throw a party a week later on Raw and take up TV time that could have gone to a No. 1 Contender Match for the Women’s Championship!

OK, now that I think about it, I’m glad they weren’t celebrating another bunny moment. Finally the championship is getting recognition, but still! The bunnies and wannabe bunnies do not realize … to hard working wrestlers who put everything they have into what we do, the championship is EVERYTHING.

I will shake Mickie’s hand and say congratulations, but I’m blunt and honest. I will tell her straight out I’m coming for that title. Why become a wrestler if you aren’t going to compete to be the best you can? I enter that ring to fight for myself. Fight for what I believe in. I believe in this art form that I have trained and studied to be the best I can in. Listen to me carefully. If you are not wrestling to be the Women’s Champion, then you shouldn’t step foot in a ring. YOU SHOULDN’T BE WRESTLING! You should do hair or whatever Santino Marella said, “Be in the kitchen making spaghetti.”

Beth Phoenix has her own views on this matter. I believe she lost it and that was her own fault. Maybe she will get it back; maybe she won’t. I know there are others who want that glorious title, including myself. I stand beside her to make the point that the squared circle isn’t for little girls to play in. It’s for the big boys and the women who will FIGHT for the honor of being a champion.

I will always be true to my heart. I am going to give my all to everything that I do, especially in wrestling. Every time I step into that ring I will put up a serious fight. There will be no holding back. I know every single person who watches me in the ring knows that. But believe me, whether I win or lose, I’m going to give that other person a run for their money and really make them earn that win. If I were to lose, that wouldn’t be the last time my opponent would see my face. I will be back. I will be stronger and faster and I will beat them. I will never back down. I love wrestling too much.

This Sunday, I will be in a 12-Diva Tag Team Match at Backlash. I will make my point in the ring. But what I want … what I want is the Women’s Championship. If I have to fight every Diva on the entire WWE roster, so be it. The Women’s Championship WILL be mine again. It’s just a matter of time.

The Most Dominant Diva in the WWE,

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