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Is Torrie’s Career Over?

Torrie Wilson has updated her MySpace page, giving us a sad and shocking update on her back injury. It looks as though Torrie’s in-ring career may be at an end =( Read below:

My health is doing ok as far as back problems. I must say there are days that I wake up and ask myself why the heck I put my body through what I did the last few years but it’s all worthe it. I can never trade all of the awesome experiences that I have had in the WWE and of course all of the great life long friends that I have made along the way. I have been told by 2 back surgeons that I should never set foot in a wrestling ring again if I want to be moving around in a few years on my own. Pretty depressing if you ask me….I don’t even have some awesome memory of what my last match even was or who it was with. Hopefully it was with Victoria and I beat her! (-:  I guess everything happens for a reason for sure.

I hope you’ll join us in wishing Torrie well, I know that she wouldn’t want her career to end this way, she’d want it to be on her own terms. We’re rooting for you Torrie <3

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