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Jackie Haas is Tough Enough (Week 4): “110 Pound Elephant in the Room”

Former Tough Enough champion, Jackie Haas blogs on the new series of Tough Enough. Read her insight and opinion on the series every week exclusively here at Diva Dirt.

Jackie will be representing Team HMB in July!
If you’re not tough, you’re out sooner or later. Loved Rima’s spunk but just as Stone Cold said – being in the bottom three for the third week in a row, she deserved to go. This will not be the last of her we see though – she just needs to callas up in the ring and learn the fluidity of the moves. Seeing that Tough Enough is, of course, a competition and you need to keep up with the pack, if she continues to train and goes at her “own pace”, I really think she will have a great future in the business. I wish her well and seeing the desire when she gave back her belt, I’m hoping she will continue to follow her new love for the business and just not hope she was saddened because she was losing a competition.

Keeping on the topic of the ladies – come on… show me something! Show us all something! I know that two only remain but it’s now the fourth week of the show and you’ve barely gotten to hear and see a bit from Christina and Ivelisse. Give the cameras something to work with for heaven’s sake. Now of course I am well aware of editing but I’m getting bored trying to figure if I like them or not and when you just don’t “care” about someone, that’s when you’ve lost in pro wrestling. Only when Christina had a few drinks did she spark up and have an opinion, she seems to have a real cute attitude and the potential spunk like her sister Alicia, but she needs to really step it up especially inside the ring and show her character along with her athletic ability, which she has also started to display. I really want to see so much more out of Ivelisse, especially since she has been involved in the indy circuit for several years. As of now, I really am not pulling for either of the ladies; hopefully over the next few weeks we will get a chance to know who may be able to make it to the end of this competition.

As far as the men are concerned – the self-proclaimed leader of the pack, Luke is really starting to irritate me; makes for a good heel inside of the ring but that cocky attitude will be slapped right out of him backstage. Either he has to tone down the “I’m so in love with myself” attitude or I can’t wait for some of the other guys to get wind of him bashing them and have a throw down. That’s really what this season is lacking thus far – some struggle between the contestants. Right now it just seems to be dominated by the few “alpha dogs” Luke, Martin and Jeremiah, although a bit of Andy is sneaking in there… he reminds me a lot of Jake from my season of the show – he needs to loosen up outside of the ring to be able to break out inside of the ring. A.J., I have no opinion on and don’t care one way or another – he’s falling behind physically and nothing special character wise, I think he will be the next to give back his belt. Even though Eric is really struggling physically, if he gets into Trish’s yoga studio to whip his ass into shape, maybe he could be a stronger contender for the competition, he’s got the look. He needs to step his conditioning up big time right now if he wants to remain in the game. Andy will keep at it week after week and even though Bill is thoroughly annoyed by him, I think he will hang in there at least a few more weeks.

Frisco’s “agility challenge” could have been so much better – I would have much rather them air Trish putting them through her yoga class, which, thanks to production, we sure won’t be able to see. Seeing that these life lessons each week are for the sole gratification of television and the entertainment of the trainers (know this and can comment on it first hand), I would really like for at least a few weeks for the contestants to actually get something out of it. First cheerleading and now roller skates, the beauty of the writing team at work – they must have WWE writers working on this series!

As a whole, I am enjoying the “rebirth” of what brought me to where I am today, family, fitness and all. It’s totally surreal as I sit here with Charlie and our kids explaining to our oldest why she can’t jump from the coffee table to the couch like “mommy and daddy do.” Although, she can already hit the ropes better than half of the contestants this season – hell, she hit them better than I did the first time. One thing is for sure, agility seems to be passed down, just hope that our kids have better knees than mom and dad.

Be sure to chat with me on twitter @thejackiehaas (and my man @charliehaas) and read up on my latest health and fitness ventures at! Time to tighten up my diet and back to my contest prep lifting as mid July will be here for my next figure competition before I know it – excited to cross the stage again this year of behalf of Team HMB!

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