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Jacy Jayne vs. Gigi Dolin Set For Roadblock

The heat between former Toxic Attraction members will come to a boil as Jacy Jayne will be taking on Gigi Dolin at Roadblock on March 7. This is the second women’s match confirmed for next week’s NXT as Meiko Satomura is challenging Roxanne Perez for the NXT Women’s Title.

On the Feb. 28 episode of NXT, Dolin addressed Jayne in a promo for the first time since Jayne kicked her head in causing Toxic Attraction to be no more. Dolin told the story of her childhood and said the last person to betray her the way Jayne did was her own mother. Saying her mother used her as a punching bag, Dolin says she got the courage to run away as a teenager and she has been set to prove to her brother that she could make it to WWE.

Dolin is poised to destroy Jayne next week.

The matches this week had the following results –

Meiko Satomura def. Zoey Stark (Roxanne Perez on commentary)

The final moments in the match had Stark go for the 450 splash but Satomura was able to avoid the impact. Satomura the hot the Death Valley Driver and Scorpion Rising to get the pin and the victory.

Sol Ruca def. Elektra Lopez w/Valentina Feroz

The match ended after Lopez tried to convince Feroz to toss her the brass knuckles. Continue to fight with the urge to cheat, Feroz didn’t do it which led to Ruca hitting Sol Snatcher for the win.

Post-match, Lopez would push around Feroz before Feroz did make a decision with the brass knuckles and hit Lopez in the face.

Tiffany Stratton def. Katana Chance w/Kayden Carter

The final moments had Chance going up top to perhaps put away Stratton but was distracted by Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn. This allowed Stratton to go to her BME for the victory. Stratton then said she would be keeping her eye on the NXT Women’s Title match at Roadblock as she calls out the winner between Perez and Satomura.

Ava was involved in a promo with fellow Schism members. They vow to burn down Chase U.

Lastly, Wendy Choo was attacked in the parking lot by an unknown assailant.

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