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Janai Kai Opens Up About Her Prior Life-Threatening Neck Injury

Janai Kai talks about her prior neck injury and how serious it was and how thankful she is for being alive.

At Women’s Wrestling Army, Kai participated in the first event for the promotion as she stepped foot in the ring across from Nicole Savoy. She took the time to be grateful for where her career is right now and opened up to fans about something personal.

Kai says, “A couple of years ago I had a very very bad injury. I broke my neck and I haven’t really spoke to anybody about it except for maybe my opponents and stuff. All in all, I wasn’t even supposed to be alive. Like I shouldn’t even be in this room right now and that’s what kind of like shocked me. I’m not even supposed to be able to walk. That’s what the doctor told me. I’m not even supposed to be alive or be able to walk right now. He told me I wasn’t able to wrestle anymore and that’s what kind of got to me. I was like, ‘alright, I can’t think negatively about this. I need to wrestle.’

So throughout the time I just kept positive and kept training my mind in a sense where I didn’t think negative because that would just make it worse. And so being here now is just incredible to me. I’m very thankful to even be here and be around other women who are inspiring as well and have inspiring stories too. So I’m just very very grateful to be at Women’s Wrestling Army right now.”

Kai has worked for many other promotions including Ring of Honor, AEW, GCW, Warrior Wrestling, and SHIMMER just to name a few. You can view two of her matches below from ROH where she faced Chelsea Green and Trish Adora.

The next event for Women’s Wrestling Army is scheduled for June 26, there are no matches confirmed at the time of this writing.

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