Saturday, May 18, 2024

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Japanese Women’s Wrestling Streaming Live Tonight for Free

S-Ovation Co., Ltd. in Japan is presenting a free online stream of two women’s matches tonight via Ustream. The matches will feature some of the Joshi wrestlers who were part of SHIMMER back in April. Details below courtesy of SHIMMER:

Our partners at S-Ovation Co., Ltd. in Japan are presenting some free matches as part of a live event on Saturday, 8/21 in Kamiedo. SHIMMER athletes Misaki Ohata, Tomoka Nakagawa, and Hiroyo Matsumoto will be among those featured. They will be streaming the bouts LIVE on the web as they happen!

Two matches will be offered:

1. Toshie Uematsu vs. Misaki Ohata
2. Aja Kong & Kagetsu vs. Tomoka Nakagawa & Hiroyo Matsumoto

Check it out live on USTREAM! The broadcast is scheduled to begin at 16:30 in Japan.

Saturday 8/21 at 16:30 in Japan would be…

USA Central – 8/21 at 2:30am

USA Eastern – 8/21 at 3:30am

USA Pacific – 8/21 at 12:30am

London – 8/21 at 8:30am

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