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Jazz Approached By TNA

Fuck, we have lost out big time. Turns out that the plum role of “problem solver” to the Beautiful People, which we went to Mickie Knuckles (see her make her debut this Thursday) was originally intended for two time WWE Women’s Champion and one of my favourite Divas, Jazz. Unfortunately, TNA couldn’t reach the multi-talented ECW alumna in time:

A female bodyguard for “The Beautiful People” is set to debut on Impact this Thursday. There was talk of bringing former WWE Women’s Champion Carlene “Jazz” Begnaud in for the role, but they weren’t able to get in touch with her in time for the last Impact taping or she simply wasn’t interested. Instead, the company’s going with an indy women’s wrestler that doesn’t look like your typical ‘Knockout’ or ‘Diva’. Additionally, Vince Russo wanted another pretty girl to join “The Beautiful People,” but Jeff Jarrett nixed the idea feeling that a third one may not get as over as well as Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, thus watering down the act.

I would love to see Jazz in TNA, this girl is just too talented to go to waste. Last year however, Jazz and her husband Rodney Mack caused some controversy when they opinionated that none of the major promotions want to employ them because of their skin colour. I certainly don’t agree. I really wanted a Jazz-Gail Kim feud in WWE, let’s hope TNA and Jazz can come to some agreement in the future. In fact, earlier this year, Jazz topped Diva Dirt‘s list of names TNA should hire.

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