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Jazz returns on IMPACT, Tries to keep the peace between Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering

Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering have had a whirlwind of a partnership since the latter joined the Knockouts division. Jazz returned on this week’s episode to try and mend the bridge that is falling down between the two friends and tag team partners.

Ellering essentially replaced Jazz in the partnership that she had with Grace in the chase for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships. Jazz, a woman of her word, retired from the ring after her loss to Deonna Purrazzo at Hardcore Justice. The plan of the veteran worked and Rachael became the perfect partner for Jordynne as they became tag champions. However, they lost the titles after only holding them for 20-days right back to Fire ‘N Flava.

Since then, the former champs haven’t been on the same page. Grace has felt as though she is the weakest link and then they both went on to lose one-on-one matches against Tenille Dashwood. The pair even faced off against each other in a singles match which had Ellering come out as the victor (which solved nothing in Grace’s eyes).

Dashwood has been trying to recruit Ellering as her tag team partner for weeks on end and although she has been a catalyst to the pair’s downfall, Grace is tired of hearing her name.

Grace explained that before Ellering came along she had beaten the longest-reigning Knockouts Champion for the title (Taya Valkyrie) and she even had the first and only Ironman match in the history of the company. She continued to explain, as her emotions increase, that she has competed in the men’s X-Division and she is the strongest woman in the company.

Jazz makes her way out to try to be the mediator. Ellering says she wants to move forward together as friends and as a team. Jazz tells Grace that the ball is in her court and added some salt to the wound that it seems that she needs to check her ego or whatever else she has going on. Grace says she needs some time to think about it and walks to the back.

After Grace is gone from the ring area, Dashwood and Kaleb with a K make their way out. Dashwood once again says that all Ellering had to do was join her and forget about Grace because at this point she is embarassing herself. Rachael told Tenille in about 10 different ways that she wasn’t interested and the only way they will be in the ring together is if they are opponents. Dashwood tries to attack Ellering but Ellering knew it was coming. Jazz went after Kaleb.

Rachael plants Tenille which causes her to roll out of the ring. Kaleb carries Tenille to the back to end the segment.

As far as matches that took place this week on IMPACT, the results are –

Rosemary defeated Kiera Hogan

Deonna Purrazzo defeated Susan

Rosemary and Havok seemed to have formed a rather strong bond over the past few weeks and it looks like they have tag team gold on their mind.

Purrazzo dumped Susan and Kimber Lee last week which resulted in the singles match she had with Susan. The champion’s ruthless attitude and pure anger at her former allies resulted in her defeating Susan. Susan tried to get the win after a superplex but Purrazzo countered into an armbar.

After the bell rang, Purrazzo went right back after Susan with the Venus de Milo. Kimber pulled her off of Susan and tried to reason with her but the champion was livid and confirms that their team is no longer a thing.

What did you think of this week’s IMPACT? How do you think we are shaping up with possible matches as Slammiversary gets closer? Leave your thoughts below.

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