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Jenna Morasca Feels ‘Used’ and ‘Hurt’ by TNA


Now former TNA Knockout, Jenna Morasca has spoken for the first time on her release from TNA Wrestling last month. Morasca, who was involved in that infamous Victory Road match in July with Sharmell, reveals she was let go the night before her boyfriend was due to have a major surgery.

Speaking to SunSport, Morasca says: “That was very hurtful, considering everything I’d given in working hard for them and really getting to know this sport.”

Morasca says she took two days off to tend to her boyfriend, Ethan Zohn who has had a well publicised bout with cancer. The night before his surgery, TNA called her agent to let her know she’d been let go:

“The surgery was on the Tuesday and it was the first time I had ever asked TNA for time off. I really had to be home to take care of him.

“They called my agent on Monday night — when they knew full well the surgery was on Tuesday — and told him that I was fired.

“I thought the timing was really cruel and insensitive.

“Considering we weren’t doing a taping for another three weeks, why couldn’t they have waited a few more days?”

“At first they said it was to do with money, but I’m not sure that was the case as they are supposedly looking at hiring Candice Michelle and other girls.

“When pushed harder they said my storyline had come to an end, which justifies my concern that I’d do the match and then be discarded.

“There was also a rumour that I left to another Survivor, which is obviously not true as I’m here talking to you.

“I was just really really shocked as I gave them everything I had.

“I feel so hurt.”

Morasca also discusses that match with Sharmell:

“When I first signed on to TNA in January, it wasn’t in my contract to wrestle and it was unlikely I was ever going to have a match.

“I told them I would do one if I felt comfortable and safe and when they told me I had a match at Victory Road I was concerned, as they only gave me a couple of months notice. And because we taped four shows in one go we only actually all get together once a month.

“I was really concerned as I didn’t want to make a mockery of the sport or make it look like anybody could do it, as that’s not the case.

“But my main concern was that after my match I would be discarded and my storyline would end. My agent was very sceptical and didn’t want me to do it.

“However I was assured that wasn’t the case so agreed.

“We did the match — some people hated it, some liked it and some disliked it because I had really short shorts on! But people have no idea how hard that sport is.”

The interview also notes that Morasca’s people are in talks with WWE… good luck with that.

It is sad to hear about her boyfriend, but I can’t say I’m disappointed to see her let go. The money she was being paid could be used to hire girls that can actually add value to the product, including Candice Michelle who is mentioned in the article. Despite my personal opinion of Candice, she would bring more buzz and publicity if she were to be signed by TNA than Jenna did, despite Jenna being a ‘mainstream celebrity’. We could have all told TNA exactly what to expect when they hired Morasca — not much. Jenna is barely a celebrity, I would argue that Candice sits higher on that totempole… plus she has industry experience.

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