Sunday, March 3, 2024

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Jesus H Christ! Torrie’s Still Got It…

Torrie Wilson may have left the WWE but she will forever be a Diva! The lady who banked a career known simply as ‘The Covergirl’ proves that she’s still got it – looking hotter than any Diva photoshoot WWE has posted on it’s website or in magazines.

In a brand new photoshoot, Torrie shows that she won’t be giving up the ‘Covergirl’ title anytime soon, in fact she looks the best I’ve seen her in some years! Now of course, I am biased but I don’t care, I’m gonna say it: This shoot pretty much poops all over the shoots of her younger contemporaries such as Candice and Kelly Kelly. Some Divas let themselves go when their careers wind down, but Torrie could still be working for WWE looking like this! Check out all the breathtaking hotness below! Big thanks to my girl Linny for hooking me up =)

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