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Jetta becomes new EVE Champion at Wrestle Queendom 4; Charlie Morgan revealed as The Gambler

Jetta is the new Pro Wrestling EVE Champion as she wins the Rumble Match at Wrestle Queendom 4. Pro Wrestling EVE hosted their first event today since the start of the pandemic after 18-months.

A match that witnessed 30-woman vying for the championship, the match got down to Rhia O’Reilly and Jetta. O’Reilly came into the match as the EVE Champion and she is the longest-reigning champion in the history of the promotion.

O’Reilly thought she had Jetta out of this Rumble Match as her Uprising stablemates (Nightshade and Livvii Grace) took out Jetta earlier in the day. Although Jetta’s original spot in the rumble went without her entering, she would appear later in the match.

The match was full of debuts and some returns.

The full rundown of entrants are as follows:

  1. Laura DiMatteo
  2. Zoe Lucas
  3. Madison Miles
  4. Alexxis Falcon
  5. Kira Chimera
  6. Ava White
  7. Debbie Keitel
  8. Natalie Sykes
  9. Clementine
  10. Gia Adams
  11. AMira Blair
  12. Lana Austin
  13. KT Hawkins
  14. Mercedez Blayze
  15. Nightshade
  16. Sammi Baynz
  17. Jayda Dark
  18. (no entrant – originally Jetta)
  19. Livvii Grace
  20. Erin Angel
  21. Ronnie Knocks
  22. Darcy Stone
  23. Kasey
  24. Jetta
  25. Alex Windsor
  26. (no entrant – Emersyn Jayne was not cleared to compete)
  27. Debbie Sharp
  28. Angel Hayze
  29. Leah Owens
  30. Rhia O’Reilly

The Final 4 – Nightshade, Erin Angel, Jetta, Rhia O’Reilly

Erin Angel was eliminated first, then Nightshade. Nightshade and Livvii Grace assist O’Reilly so she doesn’t hit the floor. At the end of the match, O’Reilly thought she had won after tossing Jetta over the top rope. As she celebrates in the corner of the ring, she is unaware that Jetta only had one foot touch the floor. Erin Angel assisted her with putting a chair under her other foot.

Jetta then returned to the ring to eliminate O’Reilly and become the NEW EVE Champion.

Other match results were as follows:

Mercedez Blaze defeated Clementine

Alexa Windsor defeated Zoe Lucas by submission – This was Windsor’s first match in four years. She returned to the ring after ACL reconstruction.

Laura Di Matteo defeated Angel Hayze

EVE International Championship Gauntlet Match

Kasey is STILL Eve Internation Champion

Entrant order – Debbie Keitel, Madison Miles, Emersyn Jayne, Hyan, Nightshade, Kasey

Elimination Order – Madison Miles, Debbie Keitel, Hyan, Nightshade, Emersyn Jayne

Once the match got down to Jayne and Kasey the match became hardcore involving ladders, tables, thumbtacks, and a lemon.

Jayne was unable to compete in the Rumble Match as a result.

Lastly, there was supposed to be a match between Skye Smitson and The Gambler. The Gambler was unknown and would reveal themselves. Throughout the show, Smitson was said to be stuck in traffic and wasn’t at the arena yet. She did appear at the end of the event, and The Gambler was revealed as Charlie Morgan.

Morgan had announced her shocking retirement in 2019 due to an injury.

The next Pro Wrestling EVE event was announced for Oct. 2.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for further news on Pro Wrestling EVE.

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