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Jillian Confirms New Role as FCW Trainer

WWE Diva, Jillian has confirmed reports that she will be heading down to FCW to become a trainer for the female developmental talent. However, the former Divas Champion says she is ‘taking a break’ rather than being retired by WWE as we previously reported.

On her Twitter page, Jillian writes:

Taking a break to share my knowledge with the younger ladies. Hoping to guide them in the right direction. Just wanna put rumors to rest. P.S. This is a good thing! :))

I guess it’s open for interpretation what Jillian means here. Will she be taken off TV permanently and head down to FCW full-time or will she return at some point? Previous reports suggest the former, but perhaps Jillian has been told otherwise? We’ll have to see if Jillian’s profile is moved to’s Alumni page, as one example, for confirmation.

Once again, good luck to Jillian in her new position. The FCW Divas, including new signee Vicky Skeeles, will surely prosper from having her train them. Not only can she teach them in the ring, but also impart her wisdom of travelling and working as a WWE Diva for the past five years. That is knowledge that these girls cannot learn from your standard FCW trainer; Jillian can teach offer these girls advice about lockerroom ettiquette, travel, photoshoots, dressing for TV etc. as she’s been on the frontlines, so to speak.

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