Friday, December 8, 2023

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Jim Ross Comments on NXT Season Three Premiere

WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross, included his thoughts on last night’s NXT season three premiere in his latest blog. The former commentator adds that the dancing contest, which was much panned by fans online, was just an attempt at ‘entertainment’ and fans should lighten up. I can’t say I disagree.

He writes:

The first NXT season 3 broadcast featuring all Divas is different. I’m willing to give the concept a chance to hook me unlike some who have emailed me lambasting the process after an hour or less of watching it. Seems like some were harder on certain folk’s dancing which was an attempt at entertainment than they were simply looking at the potential of the Divas. I’ve seen some of these ladies in FCW and was impressed with various aspects of each of their game. Naomi, obviously, is a gifted athlete clearly became the early favorite to win the competition in season three.

I could just have just seen my big ass up in the ring Tuesday night ‘dancing’ if I had been on the broadcast team. Happy to have been watching on Syfy. Those who were doing some ‘dancing’ were merely doing their jobs folks, having fun and attempting to entertain us as directed. Many fans need to ‘Lighten Up Francis.’

It seems people went into this season looking for things to nitpick at, simply because they didn’t like the concept. The dancing competition which has been the most-cited segment as a reason not to watch in the past 24 hours, is in my opinion, no different than a kissing contest last season.

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