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More Details on New NXT Rookie Kaitlyn

More details have emerged on new NXT Rookie Diva, Kaitlyn, previously known as Ricki Vaughn in FCW. Kaitlyn’s real name is Celeste Bonin and she is a 23 year old model from Houston, TX.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has some more details including an interesting observation about her replacing Aloisia on NXT:

The storyline is that Vickie Guerrero fired Aloisia and replaced her with a woman called Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is Celeste Bonin, a 23-year-old former fitness competitor from Houston who placed in several national contests including fifth in her size class in the amateur division in the 2008 Arnold Classic. She had been working as a bartender and was just recently signed and probably only has about a month or so of ring training. They are really high on her look because she got huge implants to go along with the fitness body (she was quite cute pre-implants). The push of her as the combination pretty girl and class clown is legit as she was a total jokester and prankster in high school before getting into fitness. Earlier this year, before she was signed, she had decided to move from the fitness competitions to the bodybuilding contests, which is the really freaky roided up guy looking division, but the WWE saved her from a life of having a deep voice and having that overly chemical looking facial features. Here’s the kicker. She’s got far far sleazier photos on the Internet than Hayward, so it makes no sense that photos were the reason. And between the two, based on WWE standards of what they want, Bonin has what they are looking for and Hayward only had very short shelf life freak appeal. Plus, with her size, she couldn’t work any semblance of a match with the other WWE women.

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