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Jinny delivers a challenge to Meiko Satomura for the NXT UK Women’s Title


On this week’s NXT UK, The Fashionista Jinny battled Emilia McKenzie in the opening contest. Joseph Conners would be at ringside for Jinny which is always a helping hand for her. The numbers would equal out once the NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura made her way out to the ring to handle Conners.

After McKenzie hits a cutter followed by a back body drop on Jinny she gets a near fall. As the official was checking on Jinny, Conners on the outside swiped at the feet of McKenzie which caused Satomura to rush out and deliver a kick to Conners.

McKenzie executed a suplex but Jinny kicked out once again. She plants Jinny once again face force and once again Jinny finds a way to not stay down. After a strike, Jinny drives McKenzie into the ring post before delivering the Touch of Couture and getting the pin on Satmoura’s protege.

Post-match, Jinny challenges Satomura to a championship match. The Fashionista vs. The Final Boss. Satomura raised her title to acknowledge the request. In an Exclusive, Satomura later sends a warning to Jinny. A date for the match has yet to be set.

Satomura has defeated Amale and Stevie Turner since winning the NXT UK Women’s Title from Kay Lee Ray in June.

Blair Davenport had a promo this week as she has had her suspension lifted. She was suspended a few weeks back after lashing out and attacking the Assistant General Manager Sid Scala.

An earlier request from Stevie Turner was for Davenport to be reinstated so that she can have a match with her to take care of her. As he reinstated Davenport, Scala warned her that any further outburst will not be tolerated. Davenport says she will play by his rules but she warned that she always gets what she wants. The match is set for next week.

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