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Johnny Mundo gets the best of Sexy Star, retains the Lucha Underground Championship

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Tonight on Lucha Underground Sexy Star squared off against Johnny Mundo in a rematch for the Lucha Underground Championship. Surrounded by a steel cage, Sexy became the first woman in the Temple to participate in a match with such a stipulation.

Sexy would use the cage to her advantage and wasn’t afraid to get dirty with Johnny. She’d gain the upper hand several times and attempt to climb over the top, with Johnny quickly racing to knock her down.

They’d go back and forth for a bit before matching each other in a race to see who would be the victor. At one point Sexy took to the top of the cage for a flying cross body. It wasn’t enough to put Johnny away, however, and they’d continue to fight to escape the cage.

Johnny gained the victory after unmasking Sexy, which sent her cowering to the middle of the ring as she scrambled to put her mask back on. In Lucha culture it is an incredibly disrespectful act to unmask your opponent. Johnny would scurry over the cage to retain the Lucha Underground Championship.

Additionally, at the top of the show The Battle of the Bulls Tournament would solidify a winner in The Mack who went up against Jeremiah Crane, Cage, and PJ Black.

Johnny will now defend his title against Sexy’s most trusted ally in a future episode.

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