Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Jordynne Grace on The Sandman declaring that women main eventing is “wrong”

Jordynne Grace posted on her Twitter yesterday that former ECW Champion – The Sandman – had choice words for women’s wrestling. This encounter stemmed from comments made by The Sandman to the women of the main event at the WrestleCade SuperShow that took place on Nov. 30.

He would declare that it is “wrong” for women to main event a wrestling show. He adds that “any male wrestler with any sort of experience would agree.” Talk about having a mindset that is decades old. Coming from him this shouldn’t be a surprise but it just shows how some people don’t evolve.

The main event consisted of Grace, Rosemary, Taya Valkyrie, and Su Yung (who replaced Tessa Blanchard). As expected several wrestlers would comment to this on Twitter.

Grace would also respond to the quite popular, “it’s his opinion” argument which always tries to negate the fact of how misogynistic this “opinion” is.

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