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Jordynne Grace Plans On Putting More Eyes On The Knockouts As New Champion

Jordynne Grace became a two-time Knockouts World Champion at Slammiversary this past Sunday. She won the gold in a historical first-ever Queen of the Mountain match where she defeated four former champions and dethroned the now-former champion Tasha Steelz. Despite picking up the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles and becoming the inaugural Digital Media Champion, the Knockouts Title had escaped her possession since 2020.

In 2020, Grace won her first Knockouts Championship but at the time the pandemic hit, the landscape of how things were done changed. She sits down with Denise Salcedo to talk about her first reign and where she would like to go with her current win.

“So 2020 was was a difficult time period for me to be Knockouts Champion, because I won it and then basically, immediately, the pandemic happened. So I did a lot of my title defenses, and I lost the title with no fans,” she tells Salcedo. “I feel like that almost wasn’t really fair to me as a champion to have to go through that. It’s really been an uphill battle to get back to this title. I feel like the only thing that I could do to get me back to that title was to reinvent myself, I think I’ve done that. I started leaning into powerlifting a lot more. The less I thought about the Knockouts Title, the more I feel like they wanted to give me the opportunity again, so I feel like that was that was one of those things. So I just kept focusing on myself. I was just like, don’t worry about who has the title, don’t worry about opportunities anybody else is getting because all you can do is focus on yourself and getting better. I feel like that has finally paid off.” (Fightful)

Now that Grace is at the start of her second reign she has set several goals for herself. She wants IMPACT to be one of the top companies again. More eyes on the Knockouts and the company as a whole.

“I would like to defend it in front of a crowd for one that’s, that’s, that’s my first go. I want to bring more eyes to the Knockouts division, I feel like IMPACT in general because I feel like we put out such an incredible product and the women are given more opportunities here than at any other promotion. I feel like fans need to start watching IMPACT Wrestling and seeing these things. A lot of people still have it in their head, you know, back in the day, they mess things up a little bit. But it’s a completely new crew. Now, everything is different. I think that we need to be given that opportunity, again, to be one of the top companies. We need more eyes on us. I think that’s one of my biggest goals as champion,” she said.

You can check out the full video below:

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