Sunday, March 3, 2024

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JR Wants Divas to Main Event


In what seems to be a weekly occurrence, Good ol’ JR, Jim Ross has taken to his blog again in support of our beloved Divas. This time he talks about the possibilities of a Diva main event. Check out his thoughts below:

Could a women’s bout headline a wrestling PPV? Interesting question. In today’s marketplace and as the females are currently positioned my answer would reluctantly be no. However, there is no reason that two, highly skilled, in ring technicians who the fans have made the vital, vested interest in AND who have a strong, clearly defined personal issue can’t contribute MUCH more than they currently do.  Does that mean I think that, if crafted properly, women can close a TV program in compelling fashion? Absolutely.

The similarities between JR’s statement and our opinions from last week’s Roundtable are striking, and shows that the poor image that WWE has portrayed for the Divas not only affects the fans, but others in the company as well.

It’s so good to see someone within WWE showing some faith in the Divas (even if it’s always JR). I doubt that WWE will take heed in JR’s words of wisdom, but maybe this constant praise could open up some doors within the company for the Divas. Then again, knowing WWE… maybe not.

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