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Kaitlyn Doesn’t Like Her Entrance Music?

Here’s one for the ‘Oopsies’ file!

SmackDown Diva Kaitlyn accidentally tweeted a message that was intended to be a direct message (DM), presumably commenting on her entrance music. Of course, it could be about something entirely different.

She wrote:

To be honest, I don’t have any criteria really or a timeline . I just hate the generic music they have for me. And u thought it would be.

I think that a funny Disney song. would be good for the video he made me.

Kaitlyn, realizing she’d posted her message publicly (hey, it’s happened to us a few dozen times too!) then wrote:

Oh snap! U stop reading my DM’s hahah I accidently posted a message meant for a DM.

Take from those tweets what you will.

Having heard Kaitlyn’s music (listen below), we can hardly blame her if she does dislike it…

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