Thursday, June 13, 2024

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Karen Jarrett on Becoming VP of Knockouts: “Things Are Gonna Get Very Interesting Around Here”

New VP of Knockouts Karen Jarrett is interviewed by Jeremy Borash for TNA’s website. Karen says “things are gonna get very interesting around here” as she takes power of the Knockouts on screen.

Karen, in character, says she wants to upgrade the division. “Look at these girls out there. Trash. They all look like trash. Sluts.”

She also takes aim at Velvet Sky, saying she will be the most difficult Knockout to get in line. “She wants to be me. She wants to look like me.”

Watch the interview below:

Thoughts: It looks like they are trying to make Karen a big personality that bullies the Knockouts and eventually gets her just desserts, perhaps courtesy of Velvet and her new unwilling assistant Traci Brooks. Given that they only have two hours of TV time, however, I’m worried about whether there’s any more TV time to give a potential Karen/Velvet/Traci storyline when they have a Knockouts Championship and Knockouts Tag Team Championships that should get the firs crack at storylines/feuds. Feels like they are trying to accomplish too much, which, ironically, is the complete opposite of WWE often accomplishing too little. Can we have a happy medium?

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