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Kay Lee Ray is the new NXT UK Women’s Champion

A very, very, personal rivalry came to a head as Kay Lee Ray went after the NXT UK Women’s Champion, Toni Storm. The two collided at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff.

Ray was declared the number one contender in June when she won a Battle Royal. Since then she has been getting into the head of Storm. She has let her know that Storm is the reason they aren’t close friends anymore and why her family doesn’t speak to her.

Tensions running high, Storm was ready to shut up Ray once and for all. The start of the match continued with the mind games as Ray ran to the outside of the ring and avoided the emotional champion. During the first half of the match Ray kept the upper hand. At one point in the match the champion started to show her emotion as she started to cry.

Storm regained momentum about halfway through the match. She hit the Storm Zero but shockingly the challenger kicked out. The match culminated when Ray hit two Gory Bombs in a row. The first landed Storm on the ropes and the second was the swan song.

Kay Lee Ray got the three count to become your new NXT UK Women’s Champion.

What were your thoughts of the match? Discuss your thoughts on the match and the new champion in the comment section below!

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