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Kay Lee Ray’s historic NXT UK Women’s Championship reign continues

Kay Lee Ray defeated the “Final Boss” Meiko Satomura to successfully defend the NXT UK Women’s Championship. The champion and challenger battled it out in an incredible encounter and one of the best matches in the brand’s history.

The “Scary Queen of Scots” and the Japanese legend put on a TakeOver worthy main event that exceeded expectations.

Satomura used all of her lethal striking abilities to push Ray to the edge. The champion fell victim to a barrage of bone splintering kicks that put her on the back foot early on.

Ray levelled out the match with a brutal DDT to the outside and attempted to finish her opponent off with a Gory Bomb to the ring apron. But Satomura countered and hit a Death Valley Driver to the hardest part of the ring to continue her onslaught.

The two warriors exchanged furious offence that began to take a toll on both competitors. Ray took control of the match when she countered a top-rope splash with her knees. Ray hit a jaw shattering Superkick followed by a Gory Bomb for a breathtaking near fall.

The epic war came to its conclusion when Ray countered Satomura’s Scorpio Rising into a submission. The challenger valiantly escaped before the champion hit a second Gory Bomb for the hard-fought and most excellent victory.

After the match, the fighters, exhausted and emotional, embraced in a classy show of honour and respect.

This match was phenomenal, and the result is an emphatic victory on Kay Lee Ray’s journey to be one of the best women’s champions in WWE history. Ray has defeated the best NXT UK has put in front of her, and it will take someone extra special to knock her off the top.

What do you make of the Kay Lee Ray continuing her historic run? Who do you think will be her next challenger? Sound off in the comments below.

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