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Kelly Kelly, Sensational Sherri & Miss Elizabeth Chosen for Greatest Wrestling Costumes

Complex magazine has compiled a list of the 50 greatest wrestling costumes in their opinion, with Kelly Kelly, Sensational Sherri and Ms Elizabeth making the cut.

The reigning Divas Champ makes the list at #38, with Complex describing her as “the first diva to successfully rock dope Nikes on a regular basis.”

The late Sherri makes the list at #23. Of Sherri, the magazine writes: “When it came to her attire, Sherri was all over the place. She rocked the crazy veils, prom dresses, bizarre hats—she did it all. And on more than one occasion, she lost her skirt to reveal that she also had a bodacious booty.”

Finally, the iconic Miss Elizabeth is the highest ranked female at #12. “From her cocktail dresses at the beginning to her super ’80s style all-blue mom-like outfits at the end, Miss Elizabeth was truly the first “diva.” During her heyday, Liz was always elegant with what looked to be fancy dresses and high heels at all times,” says the magazine.

Check out the full list here.

Any females you feel should have made the list?

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