Friday, March 1, 2024

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Kelly Mixes it Up… Kind of

Another day, another dual photoshoot. Today brings us Kelly Kelly in “Pink Perfection”, obviously named for the old Homecoming dress she’s wearing in the first half of the shoot. I’m not a fan of hot pink in general, especially on a dress. It makes it look cheap, hence the Homecoming reference. The cut of it is cute, but if it were in a different color, maybe she’d look less like Malibu Barbie. The second half features Kelly in a much sleeker and (in my opinion) better-looking dress. The all-black ensemble suits her blonde tresses better than the pink. I won’t call it classier, because a matching exposed bra knocks it down a few points, though I’m sure the it wasn’t intentional. It’s great to see Kelly mixing up the poses more – you can tell she’s getting more comfortable with photoshoots, much like she is in the ring. What do you know, our little Kelly is coming into her own!

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