Monday, July 15, 2024

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Kelly’s Heartbreaking Message To Test

In what must be a truly emotional time for Kelly Kelly, the Diva has posted a short tribute to her ex-boyfriend, Andrew ‘Test’ Martin who was found dead in Tampa, Florida last night:

You were my world my best friend the one i always ran to u were always there for me..what happened to our plan…Why did god take u away from me…my heart is always with u and u only..I know your in heaven watching over me now my angel…

Say what you will about Kelly, but my heart really does go out to her. Seeing her on television every week, it really is easy to lose sight of the fact that this girl is still so young and this is such a huge weight on her shoulders. Kelly is only 22 years old, she was barely out of high school when she joined the WWE and this is such a horrific ordeal that she will likely have to deal with in the public eye.

There has been much speculation about Kelly’s personal life this week, something we have made a point to avoid here at Diva Dirt. I should hope the fans out there can give Kelly the respect she deserves at this time. Our thoughts are with Kelly and of course, Andrew’s family.

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