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Kharma on Her WWE Status: “All Parties Are in Gorilla”

Most wrestling fans are familiar with the term “gorilla”, which refers to the position just behind the curtain where wrestlers stand right before making their entrances.

It’s interesting, then, to hear former WWE talent Kharma compare her current talks with the WWE to being “in gorilla”.

This admission went down in an interview with the Future Endeavors podcast, in which she spoke about a number of topics in addition to the WWE, not the least of which were her feud with Reby Sky and her thoughts on the current TNA product.

Her current status with the WWE: Kharma says she’s ready now to return to the WWE. She believes that “all parties” are “in gorilla”, i.e., talks are getting close. She explains the reason she’s in the WWE ’13 video game is that they expected her to be back in the ring by the time the game was released, but that didn’t pan out.

On her Royal Rumble appearance and subsequent release: There were plans for her to continue with the WWE, but they didn’t pan out. Physically and mentally, she wasn’t ready to come back full time. She says the only way she could get back to the ring was for her to be released, as it would give her time to work on what she needed to work on.

On her back and forth with Reby Sky: She says Reby’s reputation “speaks for itself” and Reby didn’t reach out to her as she said she did. Kharma said she put Reby in the “ho bag” in her shoot interview because of her lack of “etiquette” and her treatment on Twitter towards veterans like Sid Vicious.

How things changed behind the scenes of TNA: Camaraderie among wrestlers remained the same for the most part. Things began to change when talent came in that didn’t care about building the product, and morale suffered. Kharma says that when you agree to work for TNA, you’re sacrificing a dream of working for the WWE. With TNA not appreciating that sacrifice, she says you wonder, “why should I give up that dream?”

On TNA President Dixie Carter: She says Dixie is “good hearted”, but not as knowledgable about wrestling. Near the end of her TNA run, she began to think Dixie was “working” them as far as her good intentions were. She compared her to Marie Antoinette and her infamous “let them eat cake” line, suggesting that Dixie is out of touch.

Can TNA turn things around?: Kharma thinks TNA can be a viable competitor to WWE if they “get their heads out of their asses.” Dixie has enough talent to make TNA successful, but she can recall a complete lack of appreciation for the talent when she was with TNA. She recalls when she and Cheerleader Melissa tried to introduce them to Twitter, but were ignored. If they listened to young people, they’d be ahead of the game. Instead, they’re following the bandwagon.

How negotiations with the WWE came about: Tommy Dreamer asked if he could give her number to head of talent relations John Laurinaitis. Talks stopped when she told them she two months left in her nine month TNA “no compete” clause, which she had to negotiate down from two years. Mick Foley‘s agent got talks going again.

Her new look and wrestling style: Kharma says she’s leaning towards reinventing herself. At SHINE 12 in her match with Mercedes Martinez, it was the first time she actually wrestled – and not just been a powerhouse – in years. She says she’ll never be “stick thin”, but she’s looking to drop a bit more weight and have more definition in her physique. She credits DDP Yoga for getting her in shape.

On fans clamoring her her to return to the WWE: She encourages fans to keep brining Kharma signs and asking about her because the WWE, unlike TNA, listens to the fans.

It’s a fantastic interview that asks all the right questions and Kharma, as always, doesn’t hold back. Listen to the full interview at Future Endeavors.

How would you like to see Kharma return to the WWE?

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