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Kiera Hogan confronts Mickie James; Triple Threat made for an NWA EmPowerrr episode

NWA this week didn’t have any in-ring action for the women but a lot of build for the division occurred. Mickie James made a big announcement that there will be an upcoming EmPowerrr episode of Powerrr. This will mean that the normal weekly show will be just for the ladies. The date of the show has not been announced just yet.

At that show, we will witness a number one contenders match for the NWA World Women’s Championship in a Triple Threat. At the podium this week, Chelsea Green, Melina, and Kylie Rae all staked claim to the fact that they all could/should be the next to face the champion Kamille. Kamille has recently attacked Melina at the commentary desk to perhaps show that she is aware that Melina could be a threat.

Moments later on Powerrr, Mickie James took to the podium to discuss the success of the pay-per-view EmPowerrr and that it was the best show in history. The confirmation of an EmPowerrr episode of Powerrr brought out Kiera Hogan. Hogan’s idol, ever since she was little, has always been Mickie James and Mickie has known Kiera since she was a teenager.

Recently, Mickie gave some unflattering remarks about a match of Kiera’s. So much so that it has bothered her and she has openly remarked that she wanted to have a discussion with James. Hogan came out to apologize for the way she went about it but was concerned that she hasn’t been booked on the EmPowerrr episode. Hogan followed up by challenging James to a match in which James wasn’t pleased. She said that they should have had this conversation in the back. A match between the two has not been confirmed just yet.

NWA will be hosting an event titled By Any Means Necessary which will take place on Oct. 24 and then stream on FITE on Oct. 27. There, the NWA World Women’s Tag Team Champions The Hex will take on Kylie Rae and Tootie Lynn. The match announcement did not confirm the titles would be on the line.

What do you think about the news coming out of NWA for the women’s division? Join the discussion below.

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