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Kiera Hogan makes her official Impact Wrestling debut

Tonight on Impact Wrestling (Feb 1st), Kiera Hogan made a big splash in her official Impact Wrestling debut when she defeated the Knockouts Champion Laurel Van Ness in a non-title match.

The Knockouts Champion started the match off by targeting Hogan’s left arm and brought her down to the mat via hair. Van Ness earns a two count after running the ropes to land a swinging neck breaker and smack across Hogan’s face.

Van Ness takes Hogan to the middle rope and uses it to choke her. She lands boots over Hogan and keeps her down on the mat. The Knockouts meet at a corner, where Van Ness hits forearms. She then takes Hogan to an opposite corner, tossing her headfirst to the turnbuckles.

Van Ness kicks Hogan in the knee that sends the newcomer back to the corner. She charges after but Hogan dodges out of the way and begins to fight back forearm shots. Hogan takes Van Ness down and strikes her across the face with an instant kick, earning her a two count over the champ.

Hogan climbs to the top of a turnbuckle but Van Ness meets her and knocks her off of it. After taking Hogan out with a Curb Stomp, Van Ness sets her up for the Unprettier but she gets distracted by Allie, who makes her way down the Impact Zone.

Hogan takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Van Ness for the three count, celebrating her big win with Allie.

It was also announced that after pinning the Knockouts Champion, Hogan would receive a title shot against Van Ness on next week’s Impact.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling? Are you excited to see more of Kiera Hogan on Impact Wrestling? What else are you looking most forward to in the coming week so Impact Wrestling? Let us know in the comments below!

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