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Killer Kelly Confirmed As Newest Knockout, Debut Coming Soon

Killer Kelly is coming to IMPACT!

On the July 7 episode of IMPACT! a vignette aired that featured Kelly. She was seen heading towards a motel as she enters it, her voiceover states –

“I love to roam. Alone. Stay in the dirty motel. The smell of the dirty motel. It comforts me. It reminds me of that place. It’s only after we’ve lost everything, that we are free to do anything. And I mean, anything.”

The vignette ends with her getting into the motel shower and the words “Killer Kelly. Coming Soon” appears on the screen.

Kelly has worked with IMPACT prior. In late 2020, she participated in the Knockouts Tag Team Tournament for the returning belts. She teamed up with Renee Michele and they faced Jazz & Jordynne Grace in a losing effort. The tournament would be won by Fire ‘N Flava who became the new champions. Prior to the tournament, Kelly had a singles match with Kimber Lee.

There was reported interest in Kelly signing with IMPACT since that appearance. Due to her living in Portugal and the pandemic, she was unable to get back over to the United States. When she was able to come back over, she announced she would be taking the rest of 2021 off due to a health concern.

Kelly has worked previously for RevPro, wXw, PROGRESS, and was a member of the NXT UK roster.

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