Tuesday, September 19, 2023

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Killing 12 Birds With 1 Stone

Looks like the Divas are getting the shotgun treatment – WWE.com has announced that all 12 girls who participated in RAW’s “West Side Story”-style face-off are going to compete in a 12-Diva tag team match at this Sunday’s Backlash.

Now, I’m not saying this match was made ridiculously late because most matches not featured on WrestleMania usually have about 5 days of build up, but doesn’t it appear that the WWE is attempting to avoid putting a SmackDown-only Diva match on the card? Just because it’s not for the Women’s Title doesn’t mean a Divas singles match isn’t PPV-worthy.

It appears to me that the “heel” side has more talent, but knowing the WWE, they’ll go for the feel-good ending and let the less talented “face” side get the victory. That or have the heels win but be stripped to their bra and panties. Nothing says “happy ending” like girls being stripped against their will.

So, who do you think will win? That’s will win, not should win, because God knows those two differ a helluva lot:


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