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Kristal to Play ‘Wrestling Snob’?


TNA Knockout, Kristal Lashley may soon be turning heel to play a ‘wrestling snob’ reports the Wrestling Observer. Kristal, the wife of Bobby Lashley, debuted at October’s Bound for Glory pay per view and up until now has been playing the sweet wife of the former ECW Champion. Read the details below:

It’s not confirmed that Bobby Lashley will be turning heel but it sounds like Kristal is. The current plan is to have Kristal do a storyline soon where she plays the role of a snobby person who looks down on pro wrestling. Her character will play up the idea that wrestlers are low-class and MMA is a higher-class environment.

The role will likely be a juicy part for Mrs Lashley, but can she make it work? I am confident that she can judging by her WWE work.

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